Who To Pitch – Podcast Edition

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, not just with podcast producers but also when it comes to podcast listeners. According to recent numbers from a study by Edison Research the numbers of people listening to podcasts continues to go up.  The research was focused on American listener trends in 2017. The study shows 112-million Americans say they have listened to a podcast, that’s up 11 percent from 2016. An even more impressive number is that 67-million Americans listen to a podcast monthly!

Want a quick overview of the Edison Research? Swing over to Convince And Convert for a rundown of some of the most important statistics! You can also download the research over at Edison

So, with those numbers in mind, I shouldn’t have to convince you of the importance of podcasts when it comes to your overall media and PR plan.

  • Podcasts can get you in front of your target audience
  • Podcasts can help you build your know, like, and trust factor
  • Podcasts can help you share your message and expertise with a larger audience
  • Podcasts can help you get more visible
  • Podcasts can allow you to share your knowledge and serve your community
  • Podcasts can help you build your authority
  • Podcasts allow you to help people

Podcasts are media! 

If you don’t have any podcasts on your media contact list now is the time to start doing some research. You want to add podcasts to your pitch list!

How do you go about finding podcasts to add to your pitch list?

  • Ask your current customers or clients what podcasts they listen to
  • Do a search for podcasts in your niche or industry
  • Do a search for podcasts that target entrepreneurs, business, productivity
  • Sign up for a newsletter like www.podcastguests.com
    •  this newsletter comes into your inbox every Monday with a list of podcasters looking for guests
    • all you need to do is email those podcasters with a pitch that meets the submission guidelines

What and how to pitch a podcaster?

First of all, when it comes to pitching a podcast you will most often be pitching the person who actually creates/produces the podcast. The owner is almost always the host or hosts of the podcast. Once you find a few podcasts you think would be a good fit for you it is time to get listening. Become a consumer of those podcasts so you know what kind of content they produce and how they serve their community. Listening to at least three previous shows, podcasts, or episodes will allow you to better target your pitch so you will get a YES!

So you have listened to at least three episodes of the podcast. You know the name of the podcast owner to pitch. You have visited their website and know their email address. Now what? 

Pitching a podcaster is not that much different from pitching any other media outlet or journalist. You want to make sure you are targeting your pitch, focusing on how to best serve the podcaster and their audience. You are going to craft an email pitch that is focused and targeted.

  • Be clear
  • Be concise
  • Be personal but professional
  • Write a solid headline as your subject line so the person you are pitching knows it is a pitch and knows what you are pitching
  • Write a short email
  • Always pitch a story
  • Be of service to the podcaster and their audience
  • Think about being entertaining, educational, enlightening
  • Include a call to action
  • Make sure you include appropriate links to your press page, blog, website and social handles
  • Include proper contact information including a phone number

Follow Up Is Key

Once you have written a clear and concise podcaster pitch and hit the send button do not think of it as a one and done kind of thing. Be sure to keep the follow up in mind. Give the email a few days to marinate with the podcaster. If you don’t hear back in three to five days it might be time to follow up. When you do follow up make sure to re-state the pitch.  Don’t just say you are following up! The first follow up email should be almost like a new pitch. You need to give it to them all over again, just in case they never had a chance to read your first email!

OK, so you followed up. Now what?

You wait.

Give this second email a bit more time to sit. A week or two is fine if your initial pitch is not time sensitive. Give it a little time to breathe and then follow up one last time! The third time is the charm, right?! This is about being persistent, not pushy.

It’s Not About You!

When it comes to pitching any media outlet you need to get out of your own way and remember it is not about you! It is never really about you. Asking to be on a show or featured in a publication should always be about serving that media outlet and its audience. You want to help people and then, in turn, you will get to be highlighted, featured and spotlighted. The benefits of helping the audience are that you get press, publicity and mention mentions!

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