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I would never say the press release or news release is completely dead. There is a purpose for them but it isn’t necessarily the best way to pitch a story to the media. The press release is a good tool to share information about your company, announce awards, or share details about events, especially if you are posting them on your own website or in a media kit. Sharing press releases will help spread the word and may even get you some media coverage it is just not the use of your time or efforts (in my opinion) if you want specific media coverage or a feature. You do want to make sure you are writing the best release you can!

Press releases are best used in conjunction with a focused, targeted email pitch.  You can read about proper pitches in some of my earlier posts, including  Think Like A Journalist.

IF you do want to share your press release with the world there are a number of services available to you. You don’t need to hire a PR firm or PR rep to do that for you. I can’t recommend any specific services but instead have listed a few that you might want to check out. There are free options and paid options. Do your research and find the option that best suits your needs…if a press release service is really what you want.

(I will say I still feel the best approach to media and PR is still pitching one journalist at a time.)



Live PR – this site is particularly useful if you want to cater to the European market. Sign-up is quick and the PR you submit will be published on Google News.
PR Inside – the category section of PR Inside is limited but it does have decent features. For example, it lets you include videos with the press release. Logos and photos can also be uploaded for greater impact.
My News Desk – this free news distribution site allows you to take advantage of free submissions in a specified geographical location and industry. If you want to submit more press releases after an initial success, it requires paid membership.
PRLog – it is particularly popular for its distribution to search engines, including Google News.
Express Press Release – the site offers generous free service. If you want an upgrade, it also has a paid option. The free option allows you to include links and pictures. – it is one of the most renowned press release services out there. Aside from distributing your content to a large network, the site also allows you to create a company profile.
Newswire – “CNW provides simultaneous distribution of news releases and multimedia to media and financial markets and feeds websites as well as social media accounts and blogs.”
PRWeb  – “A PRWeb press release can help your business or organization get reach and publicity on the web across search engines, blogs and websites in just a few simple steps.”
If you ant to read more about some of the best press release distribution services check out this site

The press release is a solid PR tool to let people know what you and your company has been up to. It is a great tool to create content for your website, media kit and your online/digital PR kit or media page. Use your press releases to help inform and educate, just don’t use it as the only tool to get media attention. The press release is a great add on to your email pitch to journalists!

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