Rock the mic by creating a Media plan.

You don't need a bucket load of cash get media attention.

As a solo-entrepreneur or small business owner, YOU are the best PR/Media rep for your business.

The media loves a good story and you have lots of great stories to share.

Rather than a huge PR agency budget, what you need is a media insider in your corner to help guide you, to pull out those golden ideas YOU already have.

I can show you the way to capitalize on YOUR media story, MAKE HEADLINES, and GET PRESS.

You set the agenda…

  • Are you unsure about where to start and need some direction?
  • Do you need some step by step guidance to create story ideas, build a media list, pitch and perform in the interview?
  • Do you need help brainstorming and creating your Media Strategy?
  • Do you need help brainstorming story ideas?
  • Do you need a media sounding board for your media pitch?
  • Want advice and next step strategies from a media insider?
  • Did you get an interview and are nervous about staying on message?

You talk about whatever you want. I listen and get you on track and moving forward to connecting with the media, getting more exposure for your business and ultimately making headlines and getting press.

Set the Media on Fire!

Not sure where to start? Don't know how to kick-start your game plan to get media visibility? I can help!

I will be your media sounding board. I will help you create solid story ideas you can pitch to the media to help you stand out and get noticed.

Let’s brainstorm TOGETHER. I can help you get clear on media message

With this one-on-one consulting session, you will have access to me and all of my insider information, tips, and secrets.

These short one-on-one brainstorming sessions are designed to help you power through + get results.

Getting media exposure will give more visibility, it will help you reach a whole new audience, connect with more customers & clients, provide valuable third party endorsements and give you great business (street) credibility.

What you get in the Media Starter Session

  • A 75-minute one-on-one call
  • A full recording of our conversation
  • A follow-up email – no later than one week after our conversation – with at least 3 next step recommendations
  • One 30-minute check-up call after the follow-up email to keep you accountable and see how you have implemented all your amazing media strategies and ideas
  • A full recording of our 30-minute check-up call
  • PLUS a final email following our check up call with more next-step actions to help you push forward with your media strategy
  • A checklist of what you need to do to get press and media mentions
  • What Media Wants ebook

Price: $249.00 CDN

GOT QUESTIONS? Email me before you hit the buy button.  Connect with me at